Admissions 2021-22

Thumbelina believes all children deserve a sound education to succeed in life; as such, our admission requirements strive to be open to the widest audience possible.

School Re-opening Dates & Timings

The School will re-open at 10.00am on and from 14th of June, 2021 (Monday). Until mid-July, school timings will be from 10:00am to 12:00 noon. Thereafter, school timings will be from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Age Criteria

Section  Birth date range
 HEADSTART  Children born between 01-06-2018 to 31-05-2019
 Nursery  Children born between 01-06-2017 to 31-05-2018
 Jr. K.G.  Children born between 01-06-2016 to 31-05-2017

Other Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Kindergarten Program at Thumbelina, we do expect the child to be:

  • toilet-trained; and
  • capable of expressing himself/herself in English, Gujarati or Hindi.

Furthermore, the child must not be suffering from any mental or physical disabilities/impairments.

Note that admission is granted on a first-come-first-served basis, and the School management reserves the right to reject any application without the responsibility of assigning any reasons for its action.

How to Apply

  1. Purchase the admission papers, comprising of the Admission Form and the General Information Sheet from the School office for Rs.100/-.
  2. Read the General Information Sheetcarefully and thoroughly.
  3. Complete the Admission Form, clearly statingyour child’s food/medicinal allergies, habits and/or health disorders, if any.
  4. Sign the Admission Form. Note that by signing the admission form, you are promising and agreeing to abide by all the School’s procedures, rules and regulations as mentioned in the General Information Sheet.
  5. Staple a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate behind the completed Admission Form.
  6. Bring the Admission Form, photocopied birth certificate, and the original birth certificateto the admission-cum-interview. The child must be accompanied by both parents.
  7. Should your child be admitted, 1st term fees of  25,000/-are required to be paid by CHEQUE only in favour of “Thumbelina Nursery & K.G. School”. Admission is deemed to have been granted only upon payment of fees.

Fee Regulations

Particulars 1st Term Fees
(Jun’21 – Nov’21)
2nd Term Fees
(Dec’21 – May’22)
 Term Fees  1,500/-  1,500/-
 Tuition Fees 21,000/-  21,000/-
 Snacks Fees  2,500/-  2,500/-
 Total  25,000/-  25,000/-

The above mentioned fees are all inclusive EXCEPT for the cost of books, bag, school uniform and transportation charges. While 1st Term Fees are payable at the time of admission, the 2nd Term Fees are to be paid before 30-09-2021 failing which a “Late Fee” of Rs. 500/- will be payable. Fees are payable on a six-monthly basis.

Fee Refund Regulations

If for any reason(s) whatsoever, after and payment of fees, parents desire to cancel the admission, they shall be eligible for a partial refund as per the appropriate amount specified in the table below.

If the written intimation for cancellation and 1st Term Fee refund is made 1st Term Fee Refund Amount (Rs.) If the written intimation for cancellation and 2nd Term Fee refund is made 2nd Term Fee Refund Amount (Rs.)
On or before 31-03-2021 13,000/-  On or before 31-10-2021 13,000/-
Before school reopening date 10,000/- Before 2nd Term commences  10,000/-
After school has reopened  NIL After commencement of 2nd Term NIL

Note that in the event of cancellation of admission, fees paid are non-transferable in favour of any other student’s admission. Therefore, parents who have a transferable job or are likely to get relocated for any reason whatsoever, are advised and requested to seek admission to the school and pay the fees only after such uncertainties have been dealt with.

The School management reserves the right to refuse a student’s continuation if certain health disorders arise after admission. In such a situation, you may be eligible for a refund, as specified in the “Allergies, Habits & Health Disorders” section of the General Information Sheet.